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Works (Selected)

To the dust of the well.     or

They wore the sky on their chests.

(confiding a shadow)

10' for musicians, performer, electronic playback through drum-mounted transducers (2019)

Premiered by WasteLAnd Ensemble at Art-Share LA on August 10, 2019

Video performance can be found here.

Light-porous world.

Heap of shells.

11' for 2 pianos, 2 percussionists, and electronic playback (2019)

Score sample. Video performance can be found here.

If You're Going to Dance Don't Hide Your Face

17' for acoustic guitars, feedback, bells. (2019)

+ (2019)

a thread the shore.

they are not only ruins.

12’ for string quartet (2018)

Premiered by Quartetto Maurice at the Festival Distat Terra in Choele 

Choel, Argentina, December 2018.

Score sample.

Wrecked, solitary, here - 

the dream mule. the broken shells.

20’ for upright piano, objects, electronics (2018)

More info and listen here.

other windows. ugly shells.

9’ for piano trio (2018)

Premiered by the Neave Trio at Pickman Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 2018.

Score sample.


from the shells of my hands.

4’ for piano and saxophone (2018)

Premiered by Tilted Arc at Arts Letters & Numbers residency in Albany, New York, in March 2018.

Score sample.


the dunes a thread.     or

muteness. dreams.

9’ for clarinet, viola, trombone (2017)

Premiered by the resident ensemble of the KCW residency in Austin,   Texas, in January 2018.

Score sample.


the stone blossoms.

7’ for piano, voice, violin  (2017)

Premiered by Lucy Dhegrae and Nathaniel LaNasa at the Church of the Intercession in New York, NY, in May 2017.

“ich habe keine Zeit gehabt zuende zu schreiben"

3’ for voice and piano with text by Selma Meerbaum  (2016)



oak. tone.

9' for baritone and piano (2016)

untitled. still.

6' for clarinet, viola, cello, harp, marimba  (2015)

multitude noteless

11' for full orchestra (2015)