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studio album

32' (2020)

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Lupines will Abound

Music for a film by Cody Edison

17' (2020)

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Daily Bread

remote recording project


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at (there there)



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, ,, , glimpse ,, ,  , rain  , ,

rain/noise , viola/tone


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presence (dedication to the object) 

photo score


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A Name (friends)

text scores


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for wild wasting

for installation of speakers, headphones, home audio electronics


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the direction of a tree

for open instrumentation, electronic playback, and home audio electronics

20' (2019)

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Leaves for a Mouth

for open instrumentation, electronic playback, and home audio electronics

20' (2019)

To the dust of the well.   or

(confiding a shadow)

for musicians, performer, electronic playback through drum-mounted transducers

10' (2019)

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Take ACN

bassoon, percussion, guitar

with Cody Putman and Nathan Corder

18' (2019)

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Light-Porous World.

for 2 pianos, 2 percussionists, and electronic playback

11' (2019)

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If You're Going to Dance Don't Hide Your Face

acoustic guitars, feedback, bells, other objects

with Daniel Meyer

18' (2019)

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acoustic guitar and objects 


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a thread the shore.

they are not only ruins.

for string quartet

12' (2018)

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Wrecked, solitary, here - 

the dream mule. the broken shells.

20’ for upright piano, objects, electronics (2018)

20' (2018)

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other windows. ugly shells.

9’ for piano trio (2018)

Premiered by the Neave Trio at Pickman Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 2018.

from the shells of my hands.

4’ for piano and saxophone (2018)

Premiered by Tilted Arc at Arts Letters & Numbers residency in Albany, New York, in March 2018.

the dunes a thread.     or

muteness. dreams.

9’ for clarinet, viola, trombone (2017)

Premiered by the resident ensemble of the KCW residency in Austin,   Texas, in January 2018.

the stone blossoms.

7’ for piano, voice, violin  (2017)

Premiered by Lucy Dhegrae and Nathaniel LaNasa at the Church of the Intercession in New York, NY, in May 2017.

“ich habe keine Zeit gehabt zuende zu schreiben"

3’ for voice and piano with text by Selma Meerbaum  (2016)

oak. tone.

9' for baritone and piano (2016)

untitled. still.

6' for clarinet, viola, cello, harp, marimba  (2015)

multitude noteless

11' for full orchestra (2015)

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