Something remains for wild wasting

sound installation

open , 2020

A multi-media sound installation using several kinds of recordings - home audio, field, studio); different kinds of playback devices - speaker cones, studio monitors, headphones; and other objects - chairs, lighting, large piles of leaves.

The audience encounters the installation as an insular, darkened, slightly obscured environment. A wide and deep bed of leaves covering much of the space, softly rusting - due to the inaudible vibrations of speaker cones placed underneath. A loose collection of monitor speakers and chairs are positioned in one part of the space. From the speakers emanate dense, pulsating layers of environmental recordings. On each chair a pair of headphones. Observers are encouraged to sit in the chairs and listen to the headphones: an encounter which is the nexus of several facets of the piece that come together as its central image.

The piece is about distance/absence, but also the potentials therein of intimacy/presence. It is about things that are, even when they are not; and things that are not, even when they are. It is the light of a star, the transparency of a leaf, the growth of a tree. Participants engage in an array of individual and collective processes of score- and sound-making processes. The installation is a projection of this world assembled of bodily, instrumental, and environmental sound.

More coming soon.