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photo by Bailey Kobelin

Composer, performer, improvisor, and music teacher based in Los Angeles, California.

Adam Zuckerman (b. 1992, Los Angeles, CA) is a musician working with acoustic, electronic, and environmental materials in the creation of scores, recordings, performances, and installations. At the core of Adam's work is an interest in the conditions and perceptual limits of change, difference, and memory, as well as the modalities of temporal experience and the atmosphere that adheres in specific performance situations. Adam understands music as having a uniquely immediate connection with the pure sensation of sound. Music exists for itself as an acoustic object which coalesces sound, explores its possibilities, and presents it for aesthetic apprehension. All of the components which make up a piece – its materials, textures, structures, temporal dimensions, conceptual frameworks, concrete performance situations – these serve to allow sound to unfold its rich materiality as a concretization and reiteration of the creative impulses of the world. In this way music reveals and explores the inherent beauty of sound in a world always full of vibration. Adam's music aspires to offer an intuition into this vast and folded sonic domain as it holds open an immersive space for listening, reflection, and imagination in a celebration and affirmation of existence.

Adam's work has been performed and/or presented internationally by ensembles, labels, and organizations such as Arts Letters & Numbers, Blanton Museum of Art, Coaxial Arts, Distat Terra Festival, Ensemble Dal Niente, Facere Collective, High Desert Soundings, L.A. Electroacoustic Ensemble (LAEE), NCTMMRN, Nueni Recs, Quartetto Maurice, Unwrinkled Ear Concert Series, wasteLAnd Ensemble, Yarn/Wire, and others.

Recent projects include: STARPERMEABLE, a studio album forthcoming on Nueni Records ;and  The eternal oak., a choreographed performance piece for solo performer that was premiered at 2220 Arts + Archives. Adam also organizes concerts around Los Angeles. including a new music series in outdoor public spaces and a concert series in collaboration with a local after-school music program which serves to bridge the generational gap between professional musicians and elementary, middle, and high school musicians.

In addition to collaborations with other musicians, Adam enjoys working with visual artists, writers, filmmakers, and choreographers - most recently having composed and recorded the music for Lupines Will Abound, a film by Cody Edison which through poetic documentation explores the impact of fires on the environment of Southern California. Adam is also part of the team at Soap Ear, a quarterly online journal dedicated to sound art, and he is the resident copy-writer for Dinzu Artefacts.

Adam holds a B.M. in music composition and a B.A. in Ancient Greek from the Bard College and Conservatory of Music and an M.F.A. in music composition and experimental sound practices from California Institute of the Arts. Adam also studied for two years at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst (KUG) in Graz, Austria. Adam teaches composition, theory, piano, guitar, and violin to students of all ages and skill levels across Los Angeles. He is also on faculty at the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music as well as at various local elementary and middle schools for their after-school enrichment programs. To read more about Adam's teaching practice, visit this page, here.

To contact me regarding commissions, performances, collaborations, music lessons, copy-writing/editing, or anything else, please visit the Contact page.

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