Studio album (forthcoming)

32' (2020)

The potential that a star may shine.

As a faint light in the corner.

As a constellation of melodies.

A collection of melodies. The melody is an expression for, and of, the particular (individual) and the universal (ensemble in unison). These melodies exist between and through these poles - as a tension is also always a potential. At every moment the melody is heard, at no point entirely realized, because it emerges only in this multifaceted way. The melody, made audible in each individual rendering, is nevertheless distinct from that rendering. Such a situation not only accepts difference wherever it arises - it rejoices in it: for here, difference simply means harmony. A harmony which is not flattening but which rearticulates a process of individuation. Here, melody constantly crystallizes into harmony; harmony constantly unfolds as melody.

Like a constellation of stars; or, in the direction of a tree.

To the memory of Moshe Matias (1925-2020).

People involved:

Juan Marroquin, flute

Kanoa Ichiyanagi, viola

Zaq Kenefick, harmonica

Dylan Marx, guitar

Kristyna Svihalkova, percussion

Adam Zuckerman, composition, recording, mixing

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