38' studio album (forthcoming on Nueni Records)


A collection of melodies

as a constellation of stars

in the direction of a tree

in celebration of life

The melody is a thing of memory. It collects time and suspends it in apprehension of a whole. It is a sequence of points, and it is itself a point, merely a part cut from the virtual fabric of sound. The melodies here open a space of possibility, becoming only through the process of their realization. Filtered by it, they emerge folded, many-faceted - like crystal, or stone. Heard, unheard, reheard, they listen in all temporal directions. Expanding and contracting like breath, here: melody crystallizes as harmony, harmony unfolds as melody.

To the memory of Moshe Matyas (1925-2020)

Kanoa Ichiyanagi, viola

Zaq Kenefick, harmonica

Juan Marroquin, flute

Dylan Marx, guitar

Kristyna Svihalkova, percussion

Sam Torres, mastering

Adam Zuckerman, composition, recording, mixing