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Copy Writing and Editing

Free-lance copy-writing and copy-editing for various individuals and publications. Resident copy-writer for Dinzu Artefacts. Recent copy-editing includes Higuchi Teppei's essay "Rethinking Sen no Ongaku (Linear Music)" as published by Con-Cul Journal. To inquire about writing samples and rates please visit the Contact page, here.

Heavy Air

A new-music ensemble with Chris Beroes-Haigis (cello)Rob Cosgrove (percussion), Daniel Meyer (guitar), and Chris Paul (trombone). The ensemble has commissioned works by Christine Burke and Victoria Cheah. Listen here.


An online platform hosting community radio shows, galleries, and open lecture series. More here.

New Music Concert Series

A concert series in development with the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music presenting contemporary classical and experimental music for free to the local community. One of the central goals of this series is to bridge the often generational gap between professional musicians with elementary, middle, and high school students - offering a platform for young composers to write for professional musicians, for professional composers to write for young musicians, and for all to share the stage and create music together. More on this soon.

Soap Ear

Online new music publication based in Los Angeles. With a special focus on the LA new music and sound art scene, Soap Ear covers shows, installations, music releases, and publishes essays, interviews, mix tapes, scores, and more. See, read, listen here.


Adam has been teaching music to students of all ages and skill levels for nearly a decade. In addition to being on faculty at the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music as well as at various local public schools for their after-school enrichment programs, Adam also offers private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, music composition & theory, and music production, to students across the greater Los Angeles area.


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