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for at least three musicians and processed field recording playback

38' , 2020

A collection of melodies

as a constellation of stars

in the direction of a tree

in celebration of life

The melody is a thing of memory. It collects time and suspends it in apprehension of a whole. It is a sequence of points, and it is itself a point, a part cut from the virtual fabric of sound. The melodies here composed open a space of possibility, becoming only through the process of their realization. Filtered by it, they emerge folded, many-faceted – like crystal, or stone. Heard, unheard, reheard, they suggest a  listening in all temporal directions. Expanding and contracting like breath, here: melody crystallizes as harmony, harmony unfolds as melody.

To the memory of Moshe Matyas (1925 - 2020)

Studio album forthcoming December 2022 on Nueni Records (Berlin)

Kanoa Ichiyanagi, viola                         Kristyna Svihalkova, percussion

Zaq Kenefick, harmonica                     Sam Torres, mastering

Juan Marroquin, flute                           Adam Zuckerman, composition, recording, mixing

Dylan Marx, guitar

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