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The sky without end. Star-threaded.

for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello

10' , 2022

Link to score: The sky without end. score

The sky without end. uses a simple chromatic line as its basic material. With this chromatic line, canonic structures are built that operate independently on several instrumental and parametric levels. Instrumental groupings present the same material using different scalings of pitch (whole tone, chromatic, quarter-tone, glissandi), different scales of duration (based on mathematical proportions and multiplications of these proportions), and different scales of timbre (on a spectrum from noise to tone). The form of the piece, also built with these proportions, uses the contour of the chromatic line to determine its shape. By introducing erasure and fragmentation, their resultant layering alternates sound and silence to create a state of floating and to fill the space with felt potential. In this way the piece builds a small but complete world: from infinitely small to large steps, from short attacks to long sustained notes, from pure noise to pure tone.

Premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente at the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival in August 2022.

Headphones or loudspeakers recommended.

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