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STARPERMEABLE  -  studio album, acoustic ensemble and field recordings.

If You're Going to Dance Don't Hide Your Face  -  for acoustic guitars, objects, electronics

daily bread  -  remote recording project

The Dust of The Well  -  for string trio, percussion, electronics

at (there , there)  -  percussion, field recordings, electronics

this time reddening (Lupines will Abound)  -  music for film

Lightporous world  -  piano and percussion quartet


album forthcoming winter 2020

32' (2020)

The potential that a star may shine.

As a faint light in the corner.

As a constellation of melodies.

A collection of melodies. The melody is an expression for, and of, the particular (individual) and the universal (ensemble in unison). These melodies exist between and through these poles - as a tension is also always a potential. At every moment the melody is heard, at no point entirely realized, because it emerges only in this multifaceted way. The melody, made audible in each individual rendering, is nevertheless distinct from that rendering. Such a situation not only accepts difference wherever it arises - it rejoices in it: for here, difference simply means harmony. A harmony which is not flattening but which rearticulates a process of individuation. Here, melody constantly crystallizes into harmony; harmony constantly unfolds as melody.

Like a constellation of stars; or, in the direction of a tree.

To the memory of Moshe Matias (1925-2020).

People involved:

Juan Marroquin, flute

Kanoa Ichiyanagi, viola

Zaq Kenefick, harmonica

Dylan Marx, guitar

Kristyna Svihalkova, percussion

Adam Zuckerman, composition, recording, mixing


If You're Going to Dance Don't Hide Your Face

Acoustic guitars , objects , electronics

by Adam Zuckerman and Daniel Meyer

18' (2019)



daily bread

remote recording project 

April 2020

A remote recording project with Maria Bulla and Brian Griffith.


Separately isolated due to the pandemic, we decided that we would record every day for a month. Beginning in April (2020) we recorded for one minute every evening at 20:20, simply keeping in mind the fact that we were mutually engaged in this daily activity. No coordination was made beyond this simple prompt: no preconceived idea of what we would record, how it might relate to each other's recordings, nor how these would develop over the course of the month.

At the end of the project, we made several versions: one which renders every day's recordings, layered together, on after the next; another which was generated with a max patch. The latter is heard below.


To the dust of the well.     or

(confiding a shadow)

for strings, performer, electronic playback

10' (2019)

A string trio sits on one side of a space.

A stone is played on the other side of the space.

Field recordings through transducers mounted on drums play back on the remaining sides of the space.

Premiered by WasteLAnd Ensemble at Art-Share LA on August 10, 2019

Adrianne Pope, violin

Linnea Powell, viola

Ashely Walters, cello

Brian Griffeath-Loeb, stone


at ( there , there )

Taylor Long, percussion, recordings

Adam Zuckerman, objects, recordings, assemblage

7'50" (2020)


Lupines Will Abound

Music for a film

17' (2020)

An observational documentary film by Cody Edison which - in Cody's words - explores the shifting environmental impact of the fires on the iconic Souther California citrus farm in Ventura County. The camera saunters through a burn zone as one looks back and forward, and listens to a landscape of scorched abundance entrenched in memories.

For more info on Cody's website, click here.


Lightporous World

for piano and percussion quartet

11' (2019)

This piece reflects a distant, obscured world, and the glimmers of light that emanate from it.

score sample.

Premiered at the Yarn/Wire Institute

Ning Yu, piano

Andrew Anderson, piano

Ancel Neeley, percussion

Boyce Jeffries, percussion

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